• Ominous black and white photo of the roof of The Mount and an overcast sky.

    “It was like some dark undefinable menace, forever dogging my steps, lurking, & threatening …”  
    – Edith Wharton, The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

It starts with the sounds—creaking floors and slamming doors, fading footsteps down empty halls—a feeling of being watched, tingling taps on the shoulders, spectral shapes crouched in corners or gathered in front of fireplaces long gone cold.

Tricks of the imagination in an old house once inhabited by a skilled writer of ghost stories … or something else? Take a ghost tour and decide for yourself.

  • Blurry photo of guests in the dark listening to a tour guide with a flashlight.

    Ghost Tours

    Join us in person as our ghost tour guides lead you through the darkened halls of The Mount, sharing tales of the many eerie encounters that have been reported here for years.

    This tour contains adult content, not appropriate for children under 12. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. Cost per adult is $28. Youth (12-18)  tickets are $23. All in-person ghost tours are sold out. We also offer a virtual ghost tour which can be found below.
  • Guests gathered around a tour guide at sunset.

    Family Ghost Tours

    Every fourth Friday of the month, educator Robert Oakes and our experienced ghost tour guides share tales of ghostly encounters at The Mount.

    This ghost tour is for kids, ages 7-12 . It last approximately 75 minutes. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Limit of one adult per family. Cost per child is $12. Parent or guardian may attend for free.

Online Ghost Tours

Join us online on October 15 and October 31 as our ghost tour guides take you on a live, virtual tour of the The Mount after hours.

This tour contains adult content, not appropriate for children under 12, and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Free for members, $10 for general public. CLICK HERE for October 15. CLICK HERE for October 31.

Watch this video with Robert Oakes, tour guide and author of Ghost of the Berkshires.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who has stories about The Mount. Email us at info@edithwharton.org.