Each month, we will be sharing writing prompts with you. We will provide a quote or an image related to Edith Wharton or The Mount and encourage you to exercise your mind and creative writing skills. Please feel free to send your responses to info@edithwharton.org for the chance to be featured on The Mount’s social media.

  • Writing Prompts

    July's Prompt

    Edith Wharton wrote to Eunice Maynard in July of 1911 from The Mount, “I am a little stupefied by the heat – we have reached 94° here, & the ripe gooseberries in the garden yesterday were literally burnt up by the sun!”

    Summer is most definitely upon us! Reflect on a time you felt “a little stupefied by the heat.” Where were you? How was the heat impacting your senses? What about your surroundings?

  • June's Prompt

    The title for The Age of Innocence is drawn from the Sir Joshua Reynolds painting of the same name. Wharton often drew inspiration from art; many of her poems are ekphrastic poems, i.e. poems about particular works of art. Choose a work of art and write a short poem or prose piece about your response to it.


    Writing Prompts
  • Writing Prompts

    May's Prompt

    “My ruling passions:
    A good joke & perhaps that should have come first”
    -Edith Wharton, from her personal diary

    What are your ruling passions? What should could come first on your list? Take inspiration for Wharton’s passions and see where it takes you.