• “Those long days at the Mount…evening talks on the moonlit terrace and readings around the library fire.”

    In 2005, The Mount made its most important purchase: Edith Wharton’s library. Over 2700 volumes were brought home, the core of a still-expanding collection that forms the beating heart of The Mount.

    Library Insights focuses on individual books from the library that are especially noteworthy. Some contain inscriptions from her friends, others have markings by Wharton herself. Wharton’s personality springs from the pages of these texts, offering valuable insights to readers, scholars, and booklovers.

    Library Insights
  • Library Insights

    “The core of my life was under my roof, among my books and my intimate friends.”

    The range of subjects represented in the library is remarkable, demonstrating Wharton’s voracious curiosity. In addition to literature and history, volumes on philosophy, religion, science, gardening, and travel line the shelves.

    Leading you through the collection are The Mount’s librarian, Nynke Dorhout, and our Director of Visitor Services, Anne Schuyler. Together they have over 20 years’ experience with her library and introducing it to visitors. We are also digitizing Wharton’s library here.