As there is no Friday Night Fright tonight (August 20) due to a performance of Summer in the Stables, The Mount’s blog thought that it would make up for the lack by posting some very interesting and unusual pictures and stories sent in by previous ghost-tourers. We encourage our visitors to take photographs and some of them are really quite eerie. Brianna Stock caught the creepy face in the stables window above on a recent ghost tour, and Susan Monat took this photo by the hedge last year.

We have had a number of photos with “orbs” in them. There are many different theories about orbs and why they appear. (There is a very technical explanation here. However, your blogger cannot subscribe to the “dust” theory, because if that were true then every photograph taken in her own home would be nothing but orbs!)

We at The Mount believe that there may well be some paranormal explanation for these, since they will appear in one photo and not in one taken only moments later. We will be posting a number of these shortly on our main Ghosts page, but for the moment will leave you with this one, taken by Jennifer Curtis of the entrance to the attic in the Stables. A hanging figure has been seen by a psychic when he was looking through the door that you can see above center.

We will end with a story sent to us by Noah T. on June 25, 2010: “Today, during our “ghost tour”, we were led to the Whartons’ pet cemetery and told about the history of their pets. As our guide was talking, I clearly heard a faint, distant yelp from what sounded like a small dog, coming from the direction of the woods nearby the Wheaton house. I would have disregarded it, except that my friend almost immediately turned to me and asked “Did you hear that?” It turns out that another man in our tour had also distinctly heard the same. A very exciting and eerie experience for us all, to say the least!”

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