Real Wedding at The Mount: Gabi and Seth

It was a magical day in September when Gabi and Seth’s friends and family came together to celebrate their wedding at The Mount. There was a touch of early fall in the air but the gardens were still in their summer bloom.


We had the pleasure of speaking to Gabi after the wedding about their beautiful story and why they chose to have their wedding at The Mount and in the Berkshires.


“Seth and I met in graduate school though a mutual friend. A few months before Seth and I met in person, she gave me his contact information because he was already attending the school I ultimately chose. I remember when she gave me his email, she said, “actually, you might like him!” We emailed back and forth about the program for about six months before finally meeting in June, 2010 in Chicago. Which is when I overheard him asking my roommate if I was single.




Once I started school, Seth helped me get acclimated to the program and Chicago. We became friends, getting together for dinner or brunch, but always lamenting the pitfalls of whatever current relationship we were in. Our friends and parents both knew there was something more than a friendship, but were pretty blind to it for about two years. My friends teased me relentlessly and my mom always asked, “how’s that Seth boy?” Seth’s parents were also encouraging him to ask me out. I spent many Jewish holiday dinners with their family in those years!




We can both pinpoint one particular dinner at an Italian restaurant in Lakeview where we began to see things differently. There was something different about that dinner – we just didn’t want it to end! Our relationship really began like many others, we got drunk at a party and he kissed me! But not before having a two hour conversation about whether or not we should begin dating. Still, to this day, we process everything.




We were engaged three years later.




Seth and I had begun meditating together as part of our self reflective journeys. So in early August, 2015 we went for a very typical walk around a pond near our apartment in Chicago and found a spot to meditate. For me, there was something different about this meditation. I couldn’t focus! There was a buzzing energy in the air that I couldn’t settle. When our meditation ended, Seth looked at me earnestly and said, “I love you.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring, but he was speechless! He didn’t say a thing. Obviously, I knew what he was asking but could only reply, “are you serious!?” over and over again. I was also speechless. We cried and held each other, so excited for our future together. We decided to keep it to ourselves until the next day, but told every stranger we passed on our way home and at dinner that night. The meditation “spot” we found that day has become “our spot” where we go when we need a reminder of how special our love is, or when we simply want to connect.




I’ve hoped to be married in the Berkshires since I was a young adult. My parents have been visiting the Berkshires for many years, and finally purchased a property during my senior year of college. I would come to the house just to do my laundry or study while surrounded by nature.




For my family, being in the Berkshires is like finding a small piece of paradise. The serenity, creativity, and sense of containment in the mountains always makes me feel like coming home.So when it came time to choose a location, the Berkshires was a no brainer. Deciding on The Mount was also that easy.




Because my parents know the Berkshires so well, I think they already knew they wanted us to choose The Mount, but they gave us the full “plan the wedding” experience by showing us lots of other options. My father-in-law is famous in our family for naming one of the other locations, “The Dis-Mount” (i.e. the complete opposite of The Mount). When Seth and I finally saw The Mount we both fell in love all over again. It possesses so much of how we view our relationship: an old soul coupled with graceful longevity and organic growth. We were thrilled to be able to book our date, and I spent the next 12 months googling pictures of the gorgeous mansion and gardens.




Our wedding was the most magical experience of our lives. We were completely taken off guard by the feeling of being swept up in so much love. That feeling of being surrounded by everyone you love celebrating your love is something we hope every human being has an opportunity to experience.




We could not have asked for a more perfect day – the weather was amazing (though we were facing a hurricane in the days before!), the ceremony brought us a sense of peace we will never forget, the food was delicious, the band was incredible, and the energy was unmatched. We have The Mount to thank for creating such an amazing canvas on which it all came together. We will certainly cherish the memories we have from that day for many decades to come.”






Photos by Tricia McCormack Photography.