Visitor Spotlight: The Woman in White

The following blog post was contributed by Laura Eden.

Throughout the mid to late 80’s my family periodically vacationed during their spring break at our timeshare at The Ponds at Fox Hollow.  My children were in elementary school so we spent a lot of time outside – often in the mud and muck along the horse trails.

One afternoon I was walking with my three daughters along the bridle path at the base of the lawn at The Mount.  Shakespeare and Company had just begun to use the house for performances in the summer but the house looked closed up.  No one was around so, to escape the mud, which was becoming too onerous for my youngest child, we walked along the edge of the lawn. It was getting rather dark so I decided it might be best to skirt around the house and nip down the drive to the road.

The Terrace.  Photo by David Dashiell.
The Terrace. Photo by David Dashiell.

As we began to do just that, a woman abruptly opened the French doors onto the Terrace overlooking the rear lawn and charged over to the railing. She had very dark hair pulled up on her head and was wearing a white dress which I took to be a maid’s or housekeeper’s uniform. She was furiously shaking a tea towel or dust cloth over the railing and, from her manner, I gathered she was very annoyed by our presence.

Embarrassed at being caught trespassing, I hustled the girls along mentally rehearsing an apology as we rounded the corner of the house and headed down the drive.  A battered old station wagon was approaching and stopped alongside us. As I suspected, it was the caretaker checking on the house and I explained why we were on the property.  Having had a good look at the bedraggled state my girls were in, he was very gracious about the whole situation.  I asked him to please give my apologies to the housekeeper who had seen us from the Terrace and had seemed so annoyed by our presence.

He seemed puzzled by that and told me that no one was in the house and he was the only one with the key.  I insisted we had seen a woman and he said that he didn’t doubt that. From our description of her, he said it was probably the ghost of Mrs. Wharton!  He kindly added that she had been seen by others so, not to worry, we weren’t necessarily crazy….true story with four witnesses with no prior knowledge of ghostly goings on at The Mount.