Visitor Spotlight: A Strange Paranormal Presence

Seth Davis, 10.14 (7)
The Stable. Photo by Seth Davis.

The following blog post was contributed by Emma R.H. Vezina, who experienced a ghost tour at The Mount on July 22.

As fans of Edith Wharton’s writing, especially Ethan Frome, my mother and I were excited to visit her house. Once we saw that there was a ghost tour we knew exactly what we were going to do. Before arriving, we were not aware of its status as a haunted house. Both of us do believe in the existence of ghosts.

The stables certainly had an eeriness to them but it wasn’t until we got in the house proper that we really started to feel things. In Teddy’s den, we both felt an oppressive air. It affected my mother in the form of heat, whereas I felt it as a heaviness. Then came my first personal experience with a ghost. We went into the library. I stood with my back on the wall closer to the inside of the house. The only people near me were men. The guide on my right and another guest on my left. I felt the unmistakable sensation of the fabric of my hood moving over my left ear. My hood was up and there was no air current in the room. As my hood pressed lightly in, as if blown by air, I heard a woman sigh. It sounded and felt like it happened behind me and to the left. I was up against the wall. No one could have made the sound. I was certain of my experience when the tour guide mentioned that the governess Anna had been felt there.

On the second floor, my mum saw a dark shadow that did not appear to be from a flashlight or any of the guests we were with.  It was in the hallway on the way to the bathroom.  The final place that I felt anything, was in the door from Edith’s bedroom to Teddy’s.  It felt warm and hot but made no sense considering it’s positioning.  I only felt it when walking directly through the threshold.

I could not get my mother to elaborate much on any of the things she felt or saw.  As for the feelings I had, I can assure you they were very real and have been written down as accurately as possible.

It was a great tour and I can definitely say that your place [The Mount] has some strange paranormal presence.