Star struck

The Mount’s 2010 exhibit Dramatic License: Edith Wharton on Stage and Screen is all about adaptations of Wharton’s works into drama, film, radio, etc. Most of us here have a favorite adaptation. The winner hands-down is the 1995 BBC production of The Buccaneers. As it was originally a mini-series, it is not cut as heavily as most Wharton adaptations, and we are all huge fans. Thusly, all of us here were thrilled by an impromptu visit recently from one of the stars of this production, Cherie Lunghi. Ms. Lunghi played Laura Testvalley in The Buccaneers, and she came to The Mount with her friend Kim Braden. They were gracious enough to allow us to take a photo of them in front of our Buccaneers exhibit board. (Your blogger was particularly atwitter at the visit by Ms. Braden, who was a guest star on Star Trek The Next Generation!!!)

More nice words about The Mount come from The Fussy Diner’s blog. “This is the *best* tour of its type that I have taken in the US. Our young guide, Cecily, was terrific: a local resident, she was drawn to Mrs. Wharton and is in her third year as a guide. Don’t miss this place if you are visiting the area.” We thank them for their kind words, and, well, that’s what The Mount’s blog has been saying all along!

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