Was it Miza or Mimi?

Ghost tours are back for a second season at The Mount, and are as spooky as ever. Over the course of last year, we found that our visitors have had many strange experiences on the tours, and some of the weirdest photos that we have come from people on the tours.

Noah T., a visitor to The Mount’s Friday Night Fright last week, sent in this very Whartonian story: “Today, during our “ghost tour”, we were led to the Whartons’ pet cemetery and told about the history of their pets. As our guide was talking, I clearly heard a faint, distant yelp from what sounded like a small dog, coming from the direction of the woods nearby the Wharton house. I would have disregarded it, except that my friend almost immediately turned to me and asked “Did you hear that?” It turns out that another man in our tour had also distinctly heard the same. A very exciting and eerie experience for us all, to say the least!”

Others have heard the sound of barking (in fact, they are usually described rather unflatteringly as “yapping”) dogs here when the main house was empty. Your blogger has a number of small “yappy” dogs and sometimes brings one of them to The Mount (never during ghost tours, though!). On days when she has not brought a dog, she has been asked if her dogs were barking in the mansion. Of course, for readers of Kerfol none of this is in the least bit surprising. The dogs of Kerfol had a bad time of it, but Mrs. Wharton’s dogs probably lived the good life and were very happy here at The Mount. Is it any wonder that they would come back? After all, we still have a jar of dog treats on the table!

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