Unpublished Edith Wharton Play Discovered!

Two Wharton scholars, Laura Rattray, a reader in American literature at the University of Glasgow, and Mary Chinery, a professor of English at Georgian Court University, in New Jersey, have made an exciting new discovery: a previously unknown, original, full length play by Edith Wharton called The Shadow of a Doubt.

The New Yorker’s Rebecca Mead published a piece on the on the extraordinary find, entitled “A Lost Edith Wharton Play Emerges from Scholarly Sleuthing.”

The Edith Wharton Review, published by Penn State University Press, has published Rattray’s and Chinery’s finding in an article entitled “The Shadow of a Doubt: A Play in Three Acts by Edith Wharton.” The article includes a copy of the play in its entirety.