The Donnée Book: Reflections from Visitors

A visitor reads Wharton in The Mount's reading room.
A visitor reads Wharton in The Mount’s reading room.

All her writing life, Wharton kept ideas for later use in donnée books (donnée translates to themes or subjects).  When The Mount opened a new exhibit this past May, entitled Riding the Magic Carpet: Edith Wharton’s Literary Legacy, a blank donnée book was placed in the reading room filled with rare first editions of Wharton’s work, information about the themes in those works, and unlimited possibilities to learn more.

We asked visitors of all ages to share their thoughts in The Mount’s donnée book.  Here are some of our favorites:

“I feel sorry that women had not many choices 100 years ago. It was good to see the photo of Ms. Wharton smiling on the video. I hope she found peace.”

“Edith Wharton, a woman ahead of her time. Her legacy is inspiring in 2015.”

“This place left me with a sense of awe and reverence. The beauty and literary love of Edith Wharton seems well captured. I can’t wait to read her books.”

“I work in a library and it was so wonderful to see such a legacy paid to our literary giants.”

“Lest we forget: Great writers are also great readers!”

“I loved Summer – an unappreciated gem! – and Custom of the Country.”

“Glad you opened my eyes and my heart. A new (old) author to read, beginning to end!”

“Dear Mrs. Edith Wharton, thank you for everything. I feel so inspired from you, I’m going to be a poet when I grow up!”

“A thoroughly delightful, insightful woman…a treasure of mind and heart.”

“Thank you for all your beautiful books, Mrs. Wharton. You have given much to our world.”

“Edith Wharton is one of the first classical writers I genuinely enjoyed reading! I wanted to write after reading her early novels.”

Be sure to visit The Mount’s reading room and share your own thoughts when the Main House reopens in May, 2016!