Meet Bonaparte the Rabbit!

Before we saw Bonaparte, this is how we imagined him.
Before we saw Bonaparte, this is how we imagined him, in Wharton’s bedroom.

We knew we weren’t alone. The alarm went off in the middle of the night, things weren’t left quite as they were before, and we sensed another presence. Finally, a security camera in the Main House revealed the answer: it was a rabbit, not a ghost, in the mansion!

We immediately gave our new friend a name: Bonaparte, named after Wharton’s “delicious, brown” pet rabbit. In her later years, she would reminisce with her sister-in-law, Minnie Jones:

“When I was 7 years old, & you, I conjecture, 19 (& newly married), I one day…entrusted you with the care of my pet rabbit-& you forgot him in the park, & went home to lunch without him! This incident…is the only blot that, after a microscopic scrutiny of the ensuing sixty years, I am able to discover in your perfect record as sister-in-law, friend & comrade.”

Bonaparte remained elusive , comfortably dining on apples, clementines, and almonds during the coldest days of winter. On February 25, we caught Bonaparte and set him free. Although we’re sure he’s having many adventures in Wharton’s surrounding woodland, we wouldn’t mind if he came back for a visit!

Releasing Bonaparte.
Bonaparte’s release on February 25, 2015.
Bonaparte's sprint to freedom!
Farewell, Bonaparte!