Historic Items Needed for New Exhibit

The Mount’s exhibits team is excited to announce an entirely new exhibit on life in Lenox, coming in 2017 in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the town! In the meantime, we’re looking for historic items, ranging from 1890-1915, to make this exhibit come to life.

We’re currently searching for:

*Sporting items & leisure items including:





     -Winter Sports

*Gardening tools and catalogues

*Automobile-related items (goggles, etc.)

*Dog-related items (collars, etc.)

*Bedroom items, including:

     -Writing board

     -Telephone, circa 1905

If you have any of the above items that you would like to donate to The Mount for exhibits, please e-mail info@edithwharton.org. Recent exhibits, including the kitchen (2014) and the sewing room (2015), have been furnished and stocked largely due to the generosity of Mount friends and supporters.

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