Favorite Posts of 2015

We briefly peeked back at last year to share with you two of our favorite posts from 2015!

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Learning From The Greats: Edith Wharton

By Judy Pollard Smith

Like most fiction writers, at the onset of her career, Edith wondered if there was a set of rules that must be followed, a sort of inside scoop that every successful writer knew about but she didn’t.

(Confess now. Haven’t you wondered that yourself?)

Judy Pollard Smith writes about how Edith Wharton overcame critics and uncertainty to create her own personal set of writing rules – and how she embarked on adjective hunts with Walter Berry!

Gotta Visit: The Mount (Lenox)

By Valerie Smart

You wouldn’t think of a historic mansion of a 20th century novelist to be a family friendly place to visit. However after one trip to The Mount in Lenox, you’d be corrected. 

The 413 Mom, Valerie Smart, shares her own family’s experience exploring contemporary sculptures, enjoying the expansive grounds, and touring the beautiful house.