Berkshire Believers: Edith Wharton’s homestead hosts ghost tours

Ominous Mount Fall 2014Ghost tours at The Mount are in full swing and in honor of the season, Ghost Tour Guide Robert Oakes recently wrote a spine-tingling piece for PRIME.  Enjoy the first couple of paragraphs below, and be sure to visit The Mount to experience one of Robert’s tours!

When the sun sets on The Mount, the Gilded Age estate in Lenox, Mass., that once was home to author Edith Wharton, the beautiful grounds and buildings begin to exude an eerie atmosphere. Shadows lengthen along the wooded paths and marble floors, as the last of the day’s visitors drive off the property. The empty rooms become like tombs, witnesses to history, still and silent, except for the occasional creak or tap or … was that a footstep?    

It is during these dark and silent hours at The Mount that we Ghost Tour guides do our work. Each week. We lead groups of intrepid ghost seekers through the darkened halls and rooms of both the stable and the mansion, as well as through the wooded grounds and pet cemetery. By the glow of flashlight, we share some of the many accounts of encounters with mysterious entities that have been reported over the years by residents and visitors of the estate. These include tales of faces seen in windows, odd sensations of being watched or touched by someone unseen, the sound of voices and footsteps, and many other strange and unexplained phenomena. 

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