Creative Writing Workshop: Healing Through Nature

October 15, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
The Mount
2 Plunkett Street

These workshops are for queer people of color to reclaim and connect with land, time, and healing, both onsite at The Mount and in the participant’s own space. Beginning October 15, alternating weekly sessions will be held in person at The Mount, and online over Zoom. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to attend all sessions. Space is limited. Please sign up online at

For interested individuals who do not have lived experiences of racism and homophobia and are interested in exploring these topics, please consider joining our online Creative Reading Series.

What to Expect: Participants will explore questions of healing, nature, time, community, cycles, and liberation in search of a healing creative practice that is rooted in synchronicity with the earth and autonomy for how we want to heal. 

In-person workshops will be 2.5 hours (11am – 1:30pm) and will walk the grounds. We will be walking trails around The Mount with frequent stops to write specifically on the topic for the session in places that hope to spark some creativity. Please bring masks, shoes, and attire to walk trails and sit outside, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Journals and writing utensils will be provided, but you are always welcome to bring your own.

Online workshops will be 1.5 hours (11am – 12:30pm) and will focus on having time to write in community. There will be a gathering writing exercise to energize ourselves and a long-form writing invitation, which participants may use to guide new or existing work, with time to share out if desired. If possible, make the space you’ll be taking this call a little special and sacred if you can (bring a candle, a stone, a cup of tea, an animal companion, etc.). 


October 15 (in-person): Expanding the inner capacity/creativity

October 22 (online): Liberate your language

October 29 (in-person): The fullness of self in tandem with community

November 5 (online): Grounding, hibernation

November 12 (in-person): Closing reflections

For questions about the workshop content and intention please contact Lia Russell-Self at

For logistical questions please contact The Mount at

About the Facilitator:

Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia, Lia Russell-Self (they/them/their) is a multifaceted weaver of stories, often grappling with juxtaposed theories and the unexpected. Their current work grapples with how identities, imposed and claimed, can spark the loud secrets we keep best hidden. Lia can often be found in the theatre in the hills that join Massachusetts and New York, whether performing on stage, creating brave spaces for oppressed peoples, or teaching young dreamers like themselves to do the same.

Hosted as part of our Artist-at-Work pilot initiative, a collaboration between The Rusty Anvil, Lia Russell-Self, and The Mount.