Directions, anyone?

A friend of The Mount is planning a visit in early February to Versailles, and hopes to locate Edith Wharton’s grave in the Cimetière des Gonards.

Can anyone help us by providing precise directions within the cemetery to her grave? Wharton biographer Hermoine Lee describes it as “up the hill,” but we’re hoping for more specifics. You can comment below or send an email to We’d be very grateful for any help!

UPDATE 2/13: We received this helpful note from a friend in France:

I happen to live in Versailles and have visited and photographed Edith Wharton’s grave in the past.

The cemetery guardian, however, should be able to look in the cemetery’s index to indicate the gravesite, as he did for me. It is indeed “up the hill” and on the first row of Canton D.

Attached is a photo I made about six years ago. I hope this helps.

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