Artist Statement

There is something evocative about being in the woods at night: a connection to our ancient past, to old traditions and long-forgotten experiences. It inspires a host of emotions differing from person to person. We wanted to conjure those emotions using a combination of light, sound, and sculpture to evoke an atmosphere that stimulates memory and awakens the imagination.

The Woods

The Woods is the introductory experience of NightWood. We proceed by torchlight through the trees, led onward by the beating heart of the forest. Glimmers of magic reveal themselves within an ancient grove. The woods are a place of mystery, concealing more than they reveal. They awaken our curiosity as to what or who dwells deep within.

The Eternal City

As we journey deeper into the woods, we find it is a bustling metropolis, teeming with life and energy! Delicate and ornate structures grow forth from the trees, swelling with the light and rhythms of this woodland population.

The Courtyard

We take refuge within the sturdy walls of the courtyard, greeted by a banquet feast of candlelight. All are welcome at the vast table: It is a place of community, where we celebrate togetherness but also a place of introspection, where we contemplate the ripples of an individual voice amidst the choir.

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden provides a sharp contrast to the warm and intimate experience of the Courtyard.  In this refined formal garden, we celebrate the intricate geometry of winter. We encounter crystalline forms and glistening spires of ice, pulsing with light and a shimmering, frenetic soundscape, evoking the pure beauty of a frosty winter night.

The Lane

The Lane is a transitional space, inspired by winds, ever changing in winter. Bursts of light and sound carry us along the arcade of trees onward! The wind moves sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly to opposite ends of the Lane, underscoring the unceasing and unpredictable movements found in nature both overt and subtle.

The Glade

The Glade is the climax of the NightWood journey and incorporates themes from previous encounters: Mystery, Community, Magic, and Change. Even in winter, even at night, the earth is full of life – sometimes dormant, sometimes moving just beneath the surface of perception. We celebrate the innocence and simplicity of flora and fauna—their inherent power, and grace.

The Conference of Trees

As the magic of NightWood fades, we exit through a dense stand of trees and find them in mid-conversation. For that is what trees do—they confer with one another through intricate networks of subterranean fungi. Inspired by this natural phenomenon, we imagine the voices of the trees, illustrated in the light and the rich sounds of the woods.

Firm Profile:

Clerestory Light (Design and Implementation Partner)

Founded in 2011 as Design by Chris Bocchiaro, Clerestory Light has provided lighting and sound design services to scores of live productions throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Specializing in site-specific installations Clerestory Light has transformed churches, ballrooms, parks, and historic sites into theatrical environments.

In 2016, Clerestory Light expanded its scope to include lighting public art installations and immersive environments outdoors. In 2020, Clerestory Light evolved to offer turnkey design and implementation services, bringing to bear a decade of relationships in the theatre, events, and fabrication industries.

Previous public art clients include The Trustees, The Emerald Necklace Conservancy, The Thomas Cole National Historic Site, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, and Chelsea Theatre Works.

About the Creative Team:

  • Chris Bocchiaro

    Creative Director and Lighting Designer

    Chris is a New York-based lighting designer passionate about movement theatre, opera, and the synthesis of old and new technologies. Chris approaches each project as a unique emotional arc to explore; he strives to capture that arc through light. Chris has recently designed for Apollinaire Theatre, Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Hub Theatre Company, the Lyric Stage, and Boston Opera Collaborative. At Imaginary Beasts-–an award-winning movement theatre troupe, he is an artistic associate.
    In parallel, Chris is the Northeast specification sales lead for Signify, working closely with lighting designers, architects, building owners, and sales agents throughout the northeast. He specializes in dynamic lighting systems for facades, infrastructure, and public art. His major projects include One Vanderbilt, Madison Square Garden, Trinity Centre, One Penn Plaza, New York Life, JP Morgan Chase, Kosciusko Bridge, Manhattan Municipal Building, and New York Harbor Lights.

  • Megan Kinneen

    Scenic Designer

    Megan’s work draws from her training in theater design, architecture, and illustration. She strives to share narratives and histories through non-verbal means. Her interests lie in finding new and innovative ways of preserving and presenting historic buildings and cultural heritage sites through artistic augmentations and interpretations. Megan works in project management in historic preservation by day. Additional design work includes Actors’ Shakespeare Project, ART Institute, Hub Theatre, Revels North, Apollinaire Theatre, and The Crane Estate at Castle Hill.

  • Greg Hanson

    Composer and Sound Designer

    Greg is a New York City-based sound designer, audio systems designer, audio engineer, and musician. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Recording Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay, and his Master of Music degree in Music Technology from New York University, Steinhardt. Greg has extensive experience in immersive theater, live production, and audio recording. He serves as the Head of Audio and in-house Sound Designer at the McKittrick Hotel, home of Sleep No More, in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood.

  • Ben Lieberson

    Technical Director

    Ben is a Boston-based technical director, designer, and fabricator of scenery for theater and live events. Past collaborators include Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Central Square Theater, Company One, Actors Shakespeare Project, Liars & Believers, Arlekin Players, Hub Theater Company, and Flat Earth Theatre. Ben also works as the Scene Shop Supervisor for Wellesley College's Theatre Studies program and is a company member of Artists' Theater of Boston. Ben holds a BA in Visual Arts from Marlboro College.

  • Sammy Ross

    Project Manager

    Sammy is a lighting designer, project manager, photographer, and podcaster who served as assistant lighting designer for Bruce Springsteen’s “The River Tour.” She is also a freelance Lighting Director for such news programs as CNN, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. Most recently, she was a lighting director for a weeklong television show on a cruise ship. Sammy currently resides in New York City, where she designs for television, events, and theater.

  • Zach Dobryn

    Lead Lighting Technician & Programmer

    Zach is a New York-based lighting technologies engineer and programmer with experience in theatrical and architectural installations. He currently manages the permanent dynamic lighting systems for some of the most iconic buildings in Manhattan. Zach holds a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology from SUNY Purchase.

  • Jacob Ferrante

    Lead Audio Technician

    Jacob is a New York-based audio and lighting technician, production manager, and audio engineer. He has been involved in the theatrical, concert, and live event production for over ten years, specializing in immersive installations and private events. He is currently studying for his Master’s in Business Administration and CPA Certification at Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College.