A Southern Girl in Berkshire County

This post was contributed by The Mount’s intrepid intern, Elizabeth Stone.

I hail from the faraway land of Arkansas! I am currently fulfilling the internship requirement for my master’s by working for six months at The Mount in order to complete my degree in Museum Science at Texas Tech University. After arriving in February, amidst one of the many blizzards to hit New England this winter, I spent the first two days of my internship at home due to treacherous roads.  Eventually, I was able to begin my adventure at The Mount.  I am gaining a very broad experience while here by working in various departments with almost every person on staff.  On a type of rotation, I move from cataloging collections in the library to merchandising the bookstore to fundraising and development research to marketing projects each week. My focus is actually working with collections, so I have been blessed with the chance of a lifetime.  I get to sit in Edith Wharton’s library in her beautiful home and work with her personal collection of books!  I know, a dream come true for any lover of literature and history.

In my work with the bookstore I get to put my undergraduate degree and minor to good use.  My Fashion Merchandising degree laid the foundation for basic buying and visual merchandising in retail. After gaining my minor in Photography, a lifelong hobby of mine, I am able to use my talents in this area to update the online bookstore at The Mount. Development and fundraising work is a completely new area to me.  I have gained so much experience working with the donor database.  Not only do I get to have a desk job, I get to put my table-setting skills to good use when we put on luncheons for donors or prospects.

Last Friday, after a full day of work, I had the chance to assist on a ghost tour.  Just having a taste of what goes on during the summer at the house, I cannot wait to experience a season here.  The weather is finally warming up a bit and the gardens are said to be in full bloom by mid-May! Needless to say, this job is never dull!

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  1. Jim Goodwin says:

    Enjoy the internship — and congratulations on getting it! I am delighted for you that you can work with Edith Wharton’s book collection and, frankly, envious. After such a rough winter in New England, enjoy the spring and summer. I plan to visit the Mount for the first time in September. Again, congratulations, lucky, lucky lady!
    Jim Goodwin

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