The Custom of the Country

To mark the centennial anniversary of the publication of The Custom of the Country, The Mount released an online serial, mirroring Scribner’s Magazine’s original installments. In addition to Wharton’s Custom of the Country coverdelightful prose, we included commentary from Wharton scholars, Mount staff, and others giving context and definition to one of Wharton’s most debated works.

By far, the most rewarding aspect of this 100th anniversary re-release project has been the collaboration with writers, academics, and pop culturalists around the country. Each month’s contribution provided unique and thought-provoking insights into Wharton’s times as well as ours.

Thank you to all who joined us on this journey!

January: Intro by Kelsey Mullen February: Intro by Sarah Todd March: Intro by Donna Campbell April: Intro by Jason Diamond May: Intro by Tom Gualteiri       June: Intro by Lev Raphael July: Intro by Meredith Goldsmith August: Intro by Gary Totten September: Intro by Julie Olin-Ammentorp October: Intro by Carol Wallace November: Intro by Hildegard Hoeller December: Conclusion by Kelsey Mullen

Custom word cloud

Leonard Cassuto in The Wall Street Journal: “Bride and Conqueror” 

Tom Gualtieri in The Weeklings:  “What Edith Wharton Knew: Bieber, Ambition, and the A-List

Sage Metha of The American Reader: “Edith Wharton Invented Kim Kardashian

Brienna Walsh on her blog:“On the Customs of the Country: How Edith Wharton Foretold Kim Kardashian and the Real Housewives

Eunice de Souz in the Mumbai Mirror: “Insiders and Invaders” 

Judith Burdan presented “Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country: Money, Power, and the ‘New Woman’ in the Gilded Age” at Flagler College

series of posts by Sarah Emsley

The Custom of the Country was the theme for the Edith Wharton Society’s 2013 annual conference

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