Note: Most short stories collected in the anthologies were first published in magazine form.

1862 born Edith Newbold Jones on January 24 at 14 West 23rd Street, New York City
1866-72 traveled in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain with family
1872-79 lived in New York City during winters; summers in Newport, RI
1876-77 wrote Fast and Loose (30,000-word melodramatic novella)
1878 Verses (collection of 29 poems privately published by her mother)
1879 made debut on Fifth Avenue, New York Citymet Harry Stevens, an ardent and wealthy young suitor
1880-82 traveled in France and Italy with parents for father’s health
1882 George Frederic Jones (father) died in March in Cannes; family returned to New York Cityengagement to Harry Stevens broken off by his powerful mother
1883 met Walter Berry – lifelong friend and influence on literary career
1885 married April 29 to Edward (Teddy) R. Wharton, Trinity Chapel, New York City
1885-88 spent February-June in Europe; June-February in mother’s Newport cottage (Pencraig)
1888 three-month Aegean cruise on chartered yacht
1889 first poems published in Scribner’s Magazine
1891 “Mrs. Manstey’s View” published in July issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Muse’s Tragedy” published in July issue of Scribner’s Magazinewrote the The Bunner Sisters (novella not published until 1917)purchased small house at 884 Park Avenue in New York Citypurchased house in Newport (“Land’s End”)
1893 “The Fullness of Life” published in December issue ofScribner’s Magazine
1894 “That Good May Come” published in the May issue ofScribner’s Magazine
1895 “The Lamp of Psyche” published in the October issue ofScribner’s Magazine“The Valley of Childish Things, and Other Emblems” published in the July issue of Century Magazine
1897 The Decoration of Houses, co-authored with Ogden Codman, published by Scribner’s
1898 “House of the Dead Hand” published in 1904 in Atlantic Monthly“The Pelican” published in the November issue of Scribner’s Magazineexperienced the first of several years of nervous breakdowns
1899 The Greater Inclination (short story collection) published by Scribner’s; included “The Pelican,” “The Coward,” “A Cup of Cold Water,” “A Journey,” “The Portrait,” “Souls Belated,” and “The Twilight of the God”
1900 “April Showers” published in the January issue of Youth’s CompanionThe Touchstone (novella) serialized in March and April issues of Scribner’s Magazine and reprinted as a separate volume by Scribner’s“Copy” published in the June issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Duchess at Prayer” published in the August issue ofScribner’s Magazine“The Rembrandt” published in the August issue of Hearst’s International-Cosmopolitan“The Line of Least Resistance” published in the October issue of Lippincott’s
1901 “The Recovery” published in February issue of Harper’s Magazine“The Moving Finger” published in March issue of Harper’s MagazineCrucial Instances (short story collection) published in April by Scribner’s; included “The Duchess at Prayer,” “The Angel at the Grave,” “The Recovery,” “Copy,” “The Rembrandt,” “The Moving Finger,” and “The ConfessionalLucretia Rhinelander Jones (mother) died in June in Parisbegan construction of The Mount in Lenox, MA
1902 Valley of Decision published by Scribner’stranslated the play Es Lebe das Leben (The Joy of Living) by Hermann Sudermann for actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell; it failed on the stageThe Joy of Living published in book form by Scribner’s; sold for many years“The Reckoning” published in August issue of Harper’s Magazinemoved into The Mount in September“The Lady’s Maid’s Bell” published in November issue ofScribner’s Magazine“The Mission of Jane” published in December issue of Harper’s Magazine
1903 Sanctuary (novella) serialized in Scribner’s Magazine and published by Scribner’s“The Dilettante” published in Harper’s MagazineTeddy begins a long series of mental and physical breakdownsbeginning of friendship with Henry James“Expiation” published in December issue of Hearst’s International-Cosmopolitan“A Venetian Night’s Entertainment” published in December issue of Scribner’s Magazine
1904 “The Other Two” published in February issue of Collier’s“The Letter” published in April issue of Harper’s Magazine“The Quicksand” published in June issue of Harper’s Magazine“The Last Asset” published in August issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Pot Boiler” published in December issue of Scribner’s MagazineThe Descent of Man and Other Stories (short story collection) published by Scribner’s; included “The Descent of Man,” “The Mission of Jane,” “The Other Two,” “The Quicksand,” “The Dilettante,” “The Reckoning,” “Expiation,” “The Lady’s Maid’s Bell,” and “A Venetian Night’s Entertainment”Italian Villas and Their Gardens (essay collection) published by The Century Company
1905 The House of Mirth (best-selling novel of the year) serialized in Scribner’s Magazine, January-November, and published by Scribner’sItalian Backgrounds (essay collection) published by Scribner’s“The Introducers” published in December issue of Ainslee’s
1906 “The Hermit and the Wild Woman” published in Scribner’s Magazine“In Trust” published in Booklover’sMadame de Treymes published in August issue of Scribner’s Magazine
1907 moved winter home from 884 Park Avenue in New York City to 58 Rue de Varenne in Paristraveled in France by automobile with Teddy and Henry JamesMadame de Treymes (novella) published by Scribner’sThe Fruit of the Tree (novel) published by Scribner’smet Morton Fullerton; commenced three-year love affair
1908 A Motor-Flight through France (travel essays) published by Scribner’s“The Choice” published in Century Magazine“The Verdict” published in June issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Pretext” published in August issue of Scribner’s Magazine“Les Metteurs en Scène” published in October issue of Revue des Deux MondesThe Hermit and the Wild Woman (short story collection) published by Scribner’s; included “The Hermit and the Wild Woman,” “The Last Asset,” “In Trust,” “The Pretext,” “The Verdict,” “The Pot Boiler,” and “The Best Man”
1909 Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verses (poetry collection) published by Scribner’swrote the poem “Terminus” for Morton Fullerton“The Daunt Diana” published in Scribner’s Magazine“The Debt” published in Scribner’s Magazine“Full Circle” published in October issue of Scribner’s Magazine“His Father’s Son” published in Scribner’s MagazineTeddy confesses that he has embezzled some of Edith’s funds to set up a mistress in a Boston apartment.
1910 “Afterward” published in the January issue of Century Magazine“The Eyes” published in the June issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Legend” published in the March issue of Scribner’s Magazine“The Letters” published in Century MagazineTales of Men and Ghosts (first ghost story collection) published by Scribner’s; included “The Bolted Door,” “His Father’s Son,” “The Daunt Diana,” “The Debt,” “Full Circle,” “The Legend,” “The Eyes,” “The Blond Beast,” “Afterward,” and “The Letters”
1911 Ethan Frome (novella) published“Autre Temps” published in Century Magazine“Xingu” published in December issue of Scribner’s Magazineseparation from Teddydecided to sell The Mount and remain in France
1912 The Reef (novel) published by Appleton and Company“The Long Run” published in February issue of Atlantic Monthly
1913 The Custom of the Country (novel) published by Scribner’sstarted Literature, a major novel to be abandoned with the outbreak of World War Itraveled in Germany with Bernard Berensondivorced from Teddy
1914 “The Triumph of Night” published in August issue ofScribner’s Magazinetraveled in northern Africa with friendswar relief work – organized and ran American Hostels for Refugees in Paris
1915 organized Children of Flanders Committee to aid Belgian orphansworked to aid tubercular soldiers (later expanded to French citizens)visited front lines and battle areas with Walter BerryFighting France, from Dunkerque to Belfort (essay collection) published by Scribner’s
1916 assembled and edited Book of the Homeless (gift book of essays, art, and poetry to aid war charities) published by Scribner’sawarded title of Chevalier (knight) of the French Legion of Honor“Kerfol” published in March issue of Scribner’s MagazineHenry James died on February 28
1917 Summer (novel) published by AppletonXingu and Other Stories (short story collection) published by Scribner’s; included “Xingu,” “Coming Home,” “Autre Temps,” “Kerfol,” “The Long Run,” “The Triumph of Night,” “The Choice,” and “Bunner Sisters”traveled to Morocco with friends
1918 “The Refugees” published in January issue of Saturday Evening PostThe Marne (novella) published in October 26 issue ofSaturday Evening Post and in book form by Appletonbought Pavillon Colombe outside of Paris, her first country home since The Mount
1919 French Ways and Their Meaning (essay collection) published by Appletonawarded title of Chevalier of the Order of Leopold by the Belgian government“Beatrice Palmato” – erotic story fragment dated 1919 by Cynthia Griffin Wolff; R.W.B. Lewis believes it to have been written about 1935“The Seed of Faith” published in January issue of Scribner’s Magazine“Writing a War Story” published in September issue ofWoman’s Home Companion
1920 The Age of Innocence (novel) published by Appleton, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fictionIn Morocco (travel essay collection) published by Scribner’s
1921 awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for The Age of Innocence
1922 The Glimpses of the Moon (novel) published by Appleton
1923 A Son at the Front (novel) serialized in Scribner’s Magazineand published by Scribner’sawarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Yale University – first woman to be so honored by Yalereturned to America to receive degree (first and only visit since 1913)
1924 “The Temperate Zone” published in February issue ofPictorial ReviewOld New York (4 novellas) published by Appleton; included “False Dawn,” “The Old Maid,” “The Spark,” and “New Year’s Day”“In General” (chapter 1 of The Writing of Fiction), initially published as article in December issue of Scribner’s Magazine
1925 The Mother’s Recompense (novel) serialized in Pictorial Review and published by Appleton“Marcel Proust” (chapter 5 of The Writing of Fiction), initially published as article in January issue of Yale Review“Miss Mary Pask” published in April issue of Pictorial Review“Telling a Short Story” (chapter 2 of The Writing of Fiction), initially published as article in April issue of Scribner’s Magazine“Constructing a Novel” (chapter 3 of The Writing of Fiction), initially published as article in May issue of Scribner’s Magazine“Character and Situation in the Novel” (chapter 4 of The Writing of Fiction), initially published as article in October issue of Scribner’s MagazineThe Writing of Fiction (five-essay collection) published by Scribner’s
1926 “The Young Gentlemen” published in February issue ofPictorial ReviewHere and Beyond (ghost story collection) published by Appleton; included “Bewitched,” “Miss Mary Pask,” “The Young Gentlemen,” “The Seed of the Faith,” “The Temperate Zone,” and “Velvet Ear Pads”“A Bottle of Perrier” published in March issue of Saturday Evening PostTwelve Poems (poetry collection) published by the Medici Society in London; only one edition of 130 copies and one printingchartered yacht to Aegean to repeat 1888 cruise
1927 Twilight Sleep (novel) published by AppletonWalter Berry died on October 9“Atrophy” published in November issue of Ladies’ Home Journal
1928 The Children (novel) serialized in Pictorial Review and published by Appleton“After Holbein” published in May issue of Saturday Evening Post“Mr. Jones” published in April issue of Ladies’ Home Journal
1929 Hudson River Bracketed (novel) published by Appleton
1930 “Diagnosis” published in Ladies’ Home JournalCertain People (short story collection) published by Appleton; included “Atrophy,” “After Holbein,” “Dieu d’Amour,” “The Refugees,” and “Mr. Jones”elected to American Academy of Arts and Letters
1931 “Pomegranate Seed” published in April issue of Saturday Evening Post
1932 The Gods Arrive (novel; sequel to Hudson River Bracketed) published by Appleton“A Glimpse” published in November issue of Saturday Evening Post“Joy in the House” published in December issue of Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine
1933 Human Nature (short story collection) published by Appleton; included “Her Son,” “The Day of the Funeral,” “A Glimpse,” “Joy in the House,” and “Diagnosis”“The Looking Glass” published in December issue of Hearst’s International-Cosmopolitan
1934 A Backward Glance (autobiography) published by Appleton-Century“Roman Fever” published in November issue of Liberty
1935 “Permanent Wave” published in April issue of Redbook
1936 “Confession” published in Hearst’s International-CosmopolitanThe World Over (short story collection) published by Appleton-Century; included “Charm Incorporated,” “Pomegranate Seed,” “Permanent Wave,” “Confession,” “Roman Fever,” “The Looking Glass,” and “Duration”
1937 Ghosts (ghost story collection) published by Appleton-Century; included “Pomegranate Seed,” “All Souls,” “A Bottle of Perrier,” “The Eyes,” and “The Lady’s Maid’s Bell”died after a stroke on August 11 at Pavillon Colombeburied on August 14 in Cimetière des Gonards, Versailles
1938 The Buccaneers (unfinished novel) published posthumously by Appleton




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